Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Minutes - March 18, 2009

Start - 1:30pm

-Nathaniel Stansberry
-Michael Audello
-Caitlyn Davis-McDaniel
-Kevin Leatherman
-Mickey Dial
-Thomas Cazad
-Dr. Wait

New Project Status
-Our application for the Zambia Micro-Dam project was accepted

Michael Audello
- Proposed presentations for Rotary Clubs etc.

- Presentation for Freshmen in the Freshmen Dorm
- April 7, 2009 8-9pm

West Point Bridge Funds
- Talk to Dr. McCormick about transferring your West Point money to EWB

- Nathaniel, Michael, Caitlyn are attending an EWB conference in Milwaukee over spring break

- Have received money from a number of companies
- Received an e-mail from Toyota regarding charitable donations
- Need to develop a preliminary budget and submit it to Toyota

Assessment Trip
-Need to gather information and make plans for the initial trip
-Rainfall Data needed
-Looking for Medics to take on trip
-Those potentially going on the trip need to get passport and visas
-Survey Equipment

-Heavy machinery operator training
-Cat Training in Bell, WV

Next Meeting
- April 1, 2009 1:30pm in Lab Building
- Group Photos

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